Namashkar to all current n future aspirants n especially to hindi medium community.

Selfstudy mode preparing aspirants k liye internet ek sathi b hai aur ek mentor b lekin sirf english medium aspirants k liye, hindi medium aur doosri languages k aspirants k liye iski madad bahut seemit hai. Ye sachchai meri taklif b hai aur meri prerna b. Isliye majboor hokar is imandar koshish ki suruat kar raha hoon. Sayad meri koshish kisi aur ki jaroorat puri kar sake aur ummeed ki roshni faila sake.

Sorry i have chosen this eng phonetic medium to convey hindi ideas n thoughts due to limited resources. I m a mobile blogger n helpless in this regard. Bt its sure, quality ll always remain main agenda of this blog.

I think, cse preparation is a marathon journey and during this we face many challenges and experiences and its approx impossible to remember those after completion of it. Thats why, it would be better if i notedown those simultaneously in form of this blog.

I m jus tring to fill the gap between necessity n dearth by sharing my experiences n views. There is no sense to guide/teach or give tips like others. Its a humble request plz use your intelligence n common sense before adopting any idea n make sure, you ll nt get any harm.

This is my first attempt to blog n this blog is developing wd development of my own understanding n experinces. due to these reasons its difficult to me to make a very systematic blog, so please don’t expect that.

my best effort would be to avoid writing about same stuffs which are already available at different sites and would try to write only on those topics on which no idea/tip/thought is available especially for hindi medium.

There is always a scope to do better n this goal cn b achieve by communal contributions. So , i welcome to all sensitive souls for this meaningfull effort.

Hope we ll make a difference!!!



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